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Dynamic Comfort

Can a man outrun a horse? With ADAPTIVE by HeiQ

Carlos Sá wins the Badwater Ultramarathon with ADAPTIVE by HeiQ

Be Free to Perform

ADAPTIVE helps fabrics move, breathe, and live with you. Through advanced technology, ADAPTIVE intelligently adjusts yout garment to your level of activity – and seamlessly complements your body as it moves and breathes. The treated textile becomes an enhanced, interactive surface that offers superior comfort at every exertion level. ADAPTIVE by HeiQ gives you the freedom to concentrate on what you’re doing – not what you’re wearing while you do it.

bluesign_label_approvedADAPTIVE by HeiQ is certified
as “bluesign ® approved”.


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We offer high-value hangtags emphasizing the ADAPTIVE technology:

ADAPTIVE_Woman_HeiQ-Hangtag   ADAPTIVE_Man_HeiQ-Hangtag

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