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HeiQ is celebrating 10 years of bringing unique technologies to the textile world. Marking the tenth anniversary, HeiQ has earned a place in the McKinsey ETH Venture Top 10 Hall of Fame for Swiss start-ups.
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ADAPTIVE by HeiQ for Hanes X-Temp

Hanes X-Temp Cotton Tees, starring Jeff Saturday:

Have a look at the newest X-Temp commercial featuring Michael Jordan:

Hanes in collaboration with HeiQ’s ADAPTIVE has created X-Temp in order to make you cool down and make you feel comfortable:

heiq_adaptive2013_dynamic cooling_RGB_96dpi

ADAPTIVE is a unique family of intelligent finishing technologies by HeiQ for dynamic cooling. ADAPTIVE provides dynamic cooling and moisture management effects to textiles, triggered by the body temperature variation. ADAPTIVE makes your textiles more comfortable, drier and cooler – all depending on your needs.


heiq_barrier2013_repellent_RGB_96dpiBARRIER is a unique family of products providing best-in-class water and oil repellency on textiles through a micrometer sized 3D structure on the fabric surface, prohibiting water and oil from soaking or staining fabrics.


heiq_pure2013_fresh_RGB_96dpiPURE is a set of products by HeiQ aimed at providing textile freshness and long lasting odor control thanks to our unique set of technologies. Among our customers you will find some of the most recognized brands in sports, outdoor, intimate apparel, socks and more.


heiq_glider2013_move_RGB_96dpiGLIDER is a set of technologies providing free-moving low friction properties to various kinds of textiles.


Oilguard_LogoOilguard is an innovation product for beach protection against oil spills. The unique oil absorbing mat is up to 6 yards wide and allows for many 100s of km beach protection.Oilguard has been award the Swiss Technology Award 2010. www.oilguard.org


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